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Lack of available empirical data and other related problems required us to estimate many of the factors used to compute capacity requirements. A discussion of these limitations is provided in Appendix E. 2 Infrastructure Demand: F-16CGs at Hill AFB Time per Average Sortie Total Sortie Flight Type Sorties (minutes) Size BFM 752 40 1 BSA 1,128 40 2 CAS 357 50 2 DCA 1,203 35 4 SAT 1,474 35 4 SEAD-C 184 30 4 NOTE: SEAD = suppression of enemy air defenses. Required Infrastructure Time (hours) 674 506 200 236 289 31 _____________________________________________________________ (proximity) assessments are sensitive to them because fuel available to cruise to and from training areas is a function of fuel consumed in training events.

We assess these assets in three ways: Geographically—are the assets close enough to home bases to permit minimum required duration of training? Qualitatively—do the assets have the standard features required for the types of sorties flown in or on them? Quantitatively—do the operating hours of the assets provide sufficient time capacity to accommodate the required number of sorties? DISTANCE OF ASSETS FROM HOME BASES For ranges and airspace to be useful, they must be in proximity to the home bases of the aircraft that use them.

However, as discussed below, some of these areas do not meet requirements for size or other characteristics. 3. This figure illustrates that the maximum free cruising distance must be equal to or greater than the sum of the distances from base to low-level route, low-level route to maneuver area surrounding a range, and range to base. An exception is made for A-10 sorties, in which low-level navigation tasks are assumed to be performed on random legs within a maneuver area rather than on a low-level route.

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