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The research of NIP theories has acquired a lot consciousness from version theorists within the final decade, fuelled via purposes to o-minimal constructions and valued fields. This e-book, the 1st to be written on NIP theories, is an advent to the topic that would attract somebody attracted to version concept: graduate scholars and researchers within the box, in addition to these in within sight parts akin to combinatorics and algebraic geometry. with no residing on anyone specific subject, it covers the entire easy notions and provides the reader the instruments had to pursue study during this sector. An attempt has been made in each one bankruptcy to offer a concise and chic route to the most effects and to emphasize the main invaluable rules. specific emphasis is wear sincere definitions, dealing with of indiscernible sequences and measures. The appropriate fabric from different fields of arithmetic is made available to the philosopher.

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However all those structures have the same definable sets. This justifies talking about the Shelah expansion. Note also that in M Sh all elements of M are in dcl(∅) since any singleton is a definable set. 3 about the Shelah expansion of an NIP structure. Our goal in this chapter is to understand the quantifier-free structure of Aind(B) in terms of that of Aind(∅) . As we have seen, if T is stable, then A is stably embedded and the two structures are essentially equal. If T is NIP we will show that the quantifier-free definable sets of Aind(B) are quantifier-free definable in the Shelah expansion of Aind(∅) .

Let (M, ≤) be a meet-tree and c ∈ M a point. The closed cone of center c is by definition the set C (c) := {x ∈ M : x ≥ c}. We can define on C (c) a relation Ec by: xEc y if x ∧ y > c. 49 that this is an equivalence relation. We define an open cone of center c to be a equivalence class under the relation Ec . The theory of meet-trees in the language {≤, ∧} has a model-companion, namely the theory Tdt of dense meet-trees which is defined by the following axioms: • ≤ defines a meet-tree on the universe, and ∧ is the meet relation; • for any point c, {x : x ≤ c} is dense with no first element; • for any point c, there are infinitely many open cones of center c.

61. Here are some classical examples of stable theories: • Any theory of equivalence relations {Ei : i ∈ I} which eliminates quantifiers in this language is stable. • If R is a ring, an R-module can be seen as a structure (M ; 0, +, r)r∈R , where r is a unary function symbol interpreted as scalar multiplication by r ∈ R. In this sense, any R-module is stable. In particular the theory of pure abelian groups is stable (up to bi-definability, it coincides with the theory of Z-modules). • The theory ACF of algebraically closed fields and the theory SCFp of separably closed fields of characteristic p are stable.

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