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2b Convert speed in knots to ft/sec. 2c Convert dynamic viscosity, μ, in pounds mass per foot second (lbm/ft sec) into newton seconds per square meter (N s/m2). Notice here that the one unit is derived from the MLT system while the other is based on the FLT system. For conversion we need only recognize the dimensions of viscosity under one system, say ML~1T~1. Provided all units are consistently defined, conversion of units is straightforward. 488 μ Ν s/m2 This latter statement can easily be verified since, by definition, 1 newton is 1 kg m/s2.

This is a typical example of a very simple lumped parameter model. The next step in improving the model, as is often done, is to break the lumps down. For example, the coil springs of the suspension and the springiness of the tires are two distinct springs that can be recognized. If the mass, M, is broken down into a body mass, Mb, and the mass of the wheels, Mw, the model of Fig. 21 is obtained. This model assumes that the tires can be replaced by a pure spring without any damping effect. /77777777777777T777777777777777 Fig.

Physical Quantities To assist in this development it is assumed initially that no modeling methods are available at all. This permits a simple approach with a 27 28 Modeling chronology that in some respects parallels the historical development of symbolic representation but is mostly fictitious. The concern here is not with mathematics itself but with the representations achieved in mathematical form. Picture man in the physical world observing the things around him. First comes his recognition of physical quantities as such.

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