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L. ), Longm an, London, 1973. 5. , The lacrimal secretory system and its treatment, Am. J. , 62: 47, 1966. 6 . , Physiology of the tear film, in The Cornea, Smolin, G. A. , Boston, 1983. 4. ANATOMY OF THE CONJUNCTIVA12 The conjunctiva (Lat. conjunctivus, serving to connect) is a thin and transparent mucous membrane, conjoining the eyelid to the globe and its epithelium is continuous with that of the cornea. It is divided into three parts: palpebral, bulbar and fomix. The Palpebral Conjunctiva (Fig.

It extends from the limbus to the optic nerve and blends anteriorly with the subconjunctival connective tissue and posteriorly with the dural sheath of the optic nerve. It is attached to three structures: the globe, the extrinsic muscles, and the sclera and is picrccd by three major sets of structures: six extrinsic muscles, venae voFticosae, and the optic nerve with surrounding ciliary arteries and nerves. Each extrinsic muscle b The optic nerve. The anatomy of the optic nerve has been described under anatomy of the visual pathways (see Chapter 12).

These are made up o f 200 to 250 fine collagen fibrils arranged parallel to the comeal surface. Each lamella is about 2 millimicron thin and 10 to 25 millimicron wide. Only a few of the fibres are oblique, probably in relation with the entrance of the comeal nerves. They are clearly distinguished by electron microscopy. The cells. These are o f two types, ‘fixed’ or keratocytes and ‘wandering’ or histiocytes. A r autortiesibam aiz The ground substance. This is made up of acid mucopolysaccharides.

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