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By Tom Bielawski

Carym of Hyrum is a revered village hero. that's till he's wrongly accused of uprising and homicide. kept from execution by the hands of the specialists by means of the very band of rebels he despises, Carym needs to possibility every little thing to pay off the criminals for his freedom through venture a perilous quest for a vial of water from the legendary Everpool.

Meanwhile, a dismal wizard in league with the evil god, Umber, leads a military bent at the conquest of the complete Northern Continent. He, too, seeks the Everpool, yet for much extra sinister reasons and his strong minions hunt Carym at each flip.

A shake up is going on within the heavens because the offspring of the daddy God warfare with one another and with Him for dominance over the peoples of Llars.

In order to arrive the Everpool Carym needs to discover ways to take care of his new powers, stay away from sizeable hunters, shield opposed to betrayal, and withstand the evil temptations that threaten to crush him like a Tide of Shadows.

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