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Attempts to rectify policy-service misfits: long-term care initiatives In response to the problems or misalignments between policy and services, the H&W Bureau is attempting to reduce such discrepancies, first by planning in preparation for projected demands and, secondly, by encouraging the development of new service models for inter-disciplinary and inter-departmental collaboration. 2 per cent) by 2006 has posed a significant challenge for service providers and Hong Kong as a whole. 7 billion in 2000/01.

Major features of the 1982 plan included: • • • an acknowledgement of the increase in the elderly population, with projections of Hong Kong becoming an ageing society details of the possible problems faced by older persons at risk, although the plan did not reveal the causes and extent of the problems Suggestions for new, separate services, specially designed for older persons Social services for the elderly were then organized as separate services, managed mainly by the Social Welfare Department.

Within its limitations, the EC has consolidated what was needed for a framework for an policy on ageing. In a subtle way, its first report has also acknowledged the importance of collaboration or cooperation among departments to achieve the policy objectives for the year 2000 and beyond. Directions for Hong Kong’s policy on ageing beyond 2000 In spite of its advances, the policy frame presented in the Report of the Elderly Commission 1997–1999 (ibid) and the chief executive’s Policy Address 2000 (Tung 2000) still lacks a centrally directed and centrally coordinated structure.

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