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By H Lee Willis; Randall R Schrieber; Gregory V Welch

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Chapter 10 will go into more detail on these improvements. It js. rocket science The rather significant improvement in effectiveness that is possible by revising guidelines and adopting newer engineering methods at the primary distribution level brings up a key point about why the industry clung to what are essentially outdated engineering practices for so long. Distribution planning and engineering at most utilities is kept at a rather low level. Engineering of a distribution system so that it performs the basic electrical functions that were traditionally required of it is rather straightforward.

The higher utilization rates forced on utilities in these areas of the system cause electrical equipment there, particularly cables and transformers, to "age" or deteriorate faster and fail sooner. Thus, in those areas where age and failure rate is already a serious concern, the obsolete system layout forces the utility to exacerbate those problems just to get by. , SAIFI goes up). 2b. Limited contingency capability. High loading levels make it very difficult to provide service to all customers when a unit has failed.

What Can Be Done The conclusion of this book, Chapter 16, summarizes the recommendations and guidelines developed in Chapters 2 through 15. Central to the entire approach, however, are the six "guiding principles" of result-centered approach. 1. Use a results-focused approach. The two results desired are customer service quality and low cost. Thus, the guiding principle above all others is to maximize their ratio over the entire system. This is discussed nearly everywhere throughout this book. 2.

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