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By Lee Brimmicombe-Wood

The U.S. Colonial Marines. final troubleshooters outfitted with cutting-edge firepower, able to strength projection around the sizeable expanse of deep area. they could sharpshoot a guy at one thousand meters or obliterate a whole global from the protection of orbit. They reckon they're unbeatable.

But on a dirtball colony planet identified simply as LV-426 the unthinkable occurs.

The Marines lose.

The 'Aliens - Colonial Marines Technical Manual' is your respectable advisor to the apparatus and enterprise of the U.S. Colonial Marine Corps. filled with diagrams, technical schematics and plans, the guide takes a close examine the weapons, autos and ships of the USCMC, and the lads and ladies who use them.

A must-have e-book for any 'Aliens' fan, the 'Aliens - Colonial Marines Technical Manual' examines the know-how of the movie's futuristic nightmare in each aspect.

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