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By Alan Burt Akers

By no means a guy to depart anything part performed, Dray Prescot knew his job at the mysterious continent of Havilfar used to be faraway from accomplished. there have been merciless conquerors to be overthrown, there has been pursuit of the manhounds and their masters, and there has been the feared area. may possibly he live on the lifetime of a gladiator opposed to the killers and monsters of a spoiled queen -- whereas the superstar Lords waited for his project to proceed? (73000 phrases)

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At first, a pair of the creatures will try to slip past the sentries, utilizing their camouflage abilities end the ring of invisibility (see below). Should this fail, several other jozhal will set up a diversion, dashing back and forth and making noise while their confederates try to grab the desired items. In this case, tell the players to turn to page 40. The thieves will use the dimension door devotion to sneak in close to the items, then to make good their escape. They will also use this power to flee if threatened.

Suddenly, a hail of arrows cuts down several raiders, and over a dune you see crodlu-mounted warriors. When they see the crodlu riders, the raiders suddenly lose heart and flee. Most are cut down, but the robed leader is captured. If the PCs won the battle, read the following: As you rest in the aftermath of the battle, a group of crodlu riders appears, followed by dozens of human warriors. ” shouts a voice. ” Encounter. Realizing the importance of the shipment from Mingon, Lalali-Puy sent a column of troops under her war leader Mogadisho to meet the caravan.

All muls and templars encountered in Gulg for the remainder of the adventure use the following statistics. Statistics. Mul Guards: AL N; AC 10; MV 12; F 4; HD 4; hp 32; THAC0 17; #AT 1; Dmg 1d6 (spears); SZ M; ML 16; XP 270 Templars. AL NE; AC 8 (leather armor); MV 12; Ta 4; hp 15; THAC0 18 (-2 penalty for obsidian weapons); #AT 1; Dmg 1d6-1 (obsidian short sword); ML 15; Str 10; Dex 12; Con 13; Int 12; Wis 10; Cha 12. Spells—2 1st level, 1 2nd level Outcome. If the PCs insulted Lalali-Puy, the survivors are carried off to the dungeons.

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